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 Moderator Application

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PostSubject: Moderator Application   Moderator Application Empty_10Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:31 pm

Hello, my name is Ignacio. Im from Argentina. I found this server while browsing. I wish to be a Moderator. Im moderator in two other server so I know the rules and basics.
This server is very nice and I can tell there was effort into it. I have shared this server with my firends since it deserves to be more popular and played. Also you can trust me on anything. When I promise something to anyone, even if he/she is a bad person, I will still do it. I have also met some friendly staff and players. This looks like a nice community. I know how ban works and what should I do if I see bad language, grief, etc. I also want to defend this server. I have seen many people lie about their age in the servers I am currently moderator, but you can trust me on my age. Also excuse me if I made mistakes, my fist laguage is spanish, not english, but I go to an american school, so I know a lot of english.

In case you need my in-game name its nachotux

Thanks a lot,
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Moderator Application

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