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 How To Request A Ban Removal

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PostSubject: How To Request A Ban Removal   How To Request A Ban Removal Empty_10Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:08 pm

Here are some basic guidelines, not necessarily rules set in stone, that will help you more than hurt you when appealing a ban.

1) There is no need to get over-emotional. We're professionals, and if you want us to have any sort of forgiveness or sympathy.. getting angry or upset will only make things worse for everyone, including you for your ban appeal.

2) Provide necessary information. Partially, what we are looking for is what happened... basically, your side of the story.

3) Asking nicely. Adding in some pleases and thank yous will certainly benefit you and help your request get noticed more promptly, as you will also be taken more seriously.

4) Create only one topic. When requesting to lift your ban... creating more than one topic requesting this, is breaking the Forum Rules and will definitely make things worse for you, and your ban appeal unlikely.

5) Not knowing what you did. It is perfectly reasonable to state that you are unaware of why you were banned. If that is the case, post that in your ban removal request topic and the staff member who banned you will explain exactly why they banned you. If they do not within 24 hours, then I will unban you just because staff aren't paying attention.

6) Be respectful. What staff says, goes. If we don't unban you, you are to respect that and perhaps make another request after a certain number of days/weeks have passed on by. Getting angry or upset will only get you banned from the forums as well, thus negating your chances of returning to the server itself.

Good examples:

Quote :
I was banned from the server. I don't know what rules I broke, so could I please have my ban lifted or can an admin tell me what I did wrong?

What's good; manners, unawareness, stating the request in a mannered, clear format.

Quote :
I was recently banned from the server for griefing someone. I am sorry and I wish to have another chance to make up for it.

What's good; admitting their crime, apologizing, wanting to make up for it.

Quote :
I was banned for griefing someone's house and stealing from their chances and I am sorry! If I an unbanned I promise not to do it again! Please let me rejoin Frenz!

What's good; admitting their crime, apologizing, declaring not to repeat, politely stating request.

Quote :
I am sorry for what I did, but I need to tell everyone that I was wrongfully banned from the server. The admin/mod doesn't understand and only listened to their side of the story! I know I still did wrong and I won't do it again, so could I be unbanned?

What's good; apologizing, declaring staff may have made a mistake, declaring not to repeat, stating the request in a clear format.
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How To Request A Ban Removal

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