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 [Please Read This Before Posting Here]

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PostSubject: [Please Read This Before Posting Here]   [Please Read This Before Posting Here] Empty_10Mon Feb 27, 2012 5:48 pm

Welcome to the creative players' home! Keep your eyes peeled for stickies in this forum that introduce contests of sorts. Winners can receive various types of prizes ranging from forum reputation, creation points, to server rank promotions and in-game items!

To get started, if you're not sure how to improve the visual quality and layout of your posts on a forum. I recommend heading over to the Help Forum sticky that tells you how to utilize BBCode so you can better and more effectively format your messages.

Signature creators/factories are more than welcome! Just please try to post only one topic (per creator) when it comes to services offering signatures for other users.

If you have some nice structures to show off from in-game, or heck, want to show off your entire faction... then posting images and possibly even embedded YouTube videos can help promote the success and creativity of your faction, or server reputation as a whole.

Banners, logos, or other Frenz art you wish to post is welcomed here as well and may even be used on the website or in advertisements, if you give us the permission to do so.

Be creative! Get out there! Build some awesome things in Minecraft!

Builder tips:

-Cobblestone is kind of overused and so easy to get that it depreciates the overall appearance and quality of a structure. That doesn't mean building something out of pure diamond blocks is going to look good. Keep that in mind.

-Try to steer clear of rectangular buildings and structures. These are way overdone. Being unique and taking advantage of the third dimension in the aspect of 3D is quite important.
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[Please Read This Before Posting Here]

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