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 [Please Read This Before Posting Here]

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[Please Read This Before Posting Here] Empty
PostSubject: [Please Read This Before Posting Here]   [Please Read This Before Posting Here] Empty_10Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:37 pm

The guidelines for this forum are as follows.

1) When making a complaint, please be respectful. There's no need to freak out, write in ALL CAPS, insult the server or staff, or cuss in completely biased fashions against something our server has to offer. Simply state what your complaint is, and depending on how many people agree with you in your post, will influence staff on what to note and possibly change on our server.

2) Keep in mind, we can't make everyone happy in every way.
We do our best to tweak the best features in regards to the general population so the majority of players can have fun and enjoy the freedom Frenz has to offer.

3) When making a suggestion, please try your absolute best not to suggest new plugins. As the owner of the server, I can assure you that I am regularly seeing what is out there and what might be suitable for Frenz. We have many Frenz-exclusive plugins that are only available on our server, and you can rest assured that we are on top of everything in the plugins department.

4) Don't make demands. That isn't going to benefit you, or anyone. In fact, this will make it much less likely that staff will even blink an eye to what you have to say.

5) Don't take forever to get your point across. Please keep your complaints and suggestions to their bare minimum, don't trail off the topic in your posts. Keep it short and sweet, so staff can prioritize their time in much more needed departments of the server.

6) Be thankful. Manners and respectfulness will really help your cause. How many servers do you know that offer the amount of Customer Service (or rather, Player Service) that we do? Good luck finding them!

Keeping the above in mind while posting in this forum will do everyone wonders, and apart from that, we hope we can tend to your complaints and suggestions in the most reasonable fashion possible.
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[Please Read This Before Posting Here]

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