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 How NOT To Request A Ban Removal

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How NOT To Request A Ban Removal Empty
PostSubject: How NOT To Request A Ban Removal   How NOT To Request A Ban Removal Empty_10Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:27 pm

Here are some of the things to avoid, when requesting a ban removal.

1) Getting over-emotional. We're professionals, and if you want us to have any sort of forgiveness or sympathy.. getting angry or upset will only make things worse for everyone, including you for your ban appeal.

2) Providing unnecessary information. Partially, what we are looking for is what happened... basically, your side of the story. Do not blame this person or that person, or deny what you did without having some evidence to prove it.

3) Being rude and unmannerly. Adding in some pleases and thank yous will certainly benefit you and help your request get noticed more promptly, as you will also be taken more seriously. Making demands, yelling, typing in CAPS, or freaking out won't get you anywhere.

4) Creating multiple topics. When requesting to lift your ban... creating more than one topic requesting this, is breaking the Forum Rules and will definitely make things worse for you, and your ban appeal unlikely.

5) Disrespecting staff or telling us how to do our job. What staff says, goes. If we don't unban you, you are to respect that and perhaps make another request after a certain number of days/weeks have passed on by. Getting angry or upset will only get you banned from the forums as well, thus negating your chances of returning to the server itself.

6) Horrible grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. We are not Grammar Police, and we don't care if you use capitalization or proper grammar... but at the very least, your post has to be legible and clearly stating your intentions in a format we are able to understand and respond to. English is the only accepted language.

Bad examples:

Quote :
I was banned from the server and I didn't even do anything!

What's bad; not requesting ban to be lifted, denying their crime.

Quote :

What's bad; not requesting ban to be lifted, being elusive to their crime, insulting the server, threatening the server, threatening staff.

Quote :
I was banned for complete bullshit! Please remove my ban now, I didn't know griefing was against the rules!

What's bad; elusive to their crime, not having read the server rules anywhere, cursing and declaring staff aren't properly doing their job, demanding the ban removal.

Quote :
I know what I did was wrong. Can I be unbanned?

What's bad; minimal effort put into the ban removal request, not knowing the difference between knowing what they did is wrong and telling us they won't do it again, not declaring that they won't do it again, not apologizing.

Quote :
Kirbyarm was spying on me and said I was using x-ray, but I promise that I wasn't. I was simply raiding mine shafts and ravines looking for the valuable ores and she just happened to start watching me when I began tunnel mining. I joined the server three days ago and I've been mining this way the entire time, and no one has complained. It's unfair that when staff finally decide to come around and watch what I'm doing that they ban me and wrongfully accuse me of doing something I did not. I beg you to unban me.. I swear to God I am not doing anything wrong.

What's bad; far too long! We are busy staff and we cannot prioritize our time to lifting bans which we have already *done* the work to put into effect in the first place. Keep it short, sweet, and simple.
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How NOT To Request A Ban Removal

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